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Any Yeast, Any Style

Even Lagers. Immersion Pro's large temperature range allows you to brew any style regardless of your ambient temperature. Warm fermenting saisons and cool fermenting lagers are both achievable from a 70º F / 21º C room temperature. Wines, ciders, meads, and sours are all possible as well (rod sleeves required).

Protected Fermentations

Why Immersion Pro Matters

One of the greatest things a brewer can do to improve his beer is manage the fermentation temperature. This is far more important than using fancy fermentors or even all-grain brewing.

Dr. Chris White and Jamil Zainasheff, authors of Yeast: The Practical Guide to Beer Fermentation

I thought it would take me years before I was able to afford the equipment for lagering, BrewJacket made this a reality within a few months... The support is always responsive, and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure you're happy. I have three BrewJackets now- and they're great!

Robert Keifer

Brewjacket has been revolutionary to my brewing. With about 100 batches in my history, this device has, for the first time, enabled me to prevent fermentation temperatures from hitting the zones that produce off flavors in the warmer months. Secondly, its enabled me to keep the fermenters in one location in the garage - outside of our living room and light protected so the sunlight problems are not an issue. Lastly, as a result of this, I am able to pick any style of beer, at any time of the year to brew. I've greatly enjoyed the personal interaction with the team at BrewJacket and their rapid responses to fix my concerns without hesitation. I greatly look forward to many new brews with precision control.

Doug Furst

Solid State Heat Exchange

Compact Storage

Future Proof

Wine, Mead, Sours, and Ciders

Rod Sleeves

Tech Specs

Compatible fermenters

  Carboy/Bucket Jacket 3-Legged Conical Jacket 4-Legged Conical Jacket Catalyst Jacket
PET Carboy (3-6 Gallon)      
Brew Buckets 5G, 6G, 6.5G, 30L      
Fermonster PET Carboy 6G, 7G      
Speidel 20L, 30L      
SS BrewTech Brew Buckets 3.5G, 7G      
Glass Big Mouth Bubblers 5G, 6.5G      
Plastic Big Mouth Bubblers 5G, 6.5G      
Chapman UniVessel 7G      
Genesis 6.5G      
SS BrewTech Chronical      
Blichmann Fermenator 7G      
MoreBeer! Conical Fermenter 7.5G      
Fast Ferment Conical 7.9G      
Fermentasaurus (non-pressurized)